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Re: Porting ppc Linux to Xbox 360?

On Sunday 19 Jun 2005 14:09, Leandro Guimarães Faria Corcete Dutra wrote:
> > Apple clone manufacturers
> 	I thought they were all long dead... URLs?

Never mind; I figured some of these were still going, since they supported PPC 
before, and new ATX-based PPC boards would presumably just make it easier for 
at least a few startups.  Guess not.

> > With all the X Boxes being manufactured, that should help to keep
> > PPC prices down.
> 	You don't think the MS XBox will be a serious product in the
> general-purpose computer market, do you?

No, what gave you that idea?

> It is a limited-function 
> game console... how will that keep PPC boxen prices down?

They'll still be mass-producing the processors (probably on a larger scale 
than they were ever produced for apple).

> > Then there is Cell coming up, which will be in PCs
> 	Will it?  AFAIK it will be only on limited-availability
> development workstations for the Sony PS3.  I hope you are right, but
> who will put Cells in the market if the only OS running on it is
> GNU/Linux, applications won't take advantage of it for quite some
> time, and current PowerPC sellers have only the G4 1GHz available?

Linux is used in high-end computing, don't forget.  If cell is anything like 
they say it is, and it's being produced in PCI card format, I think we'll see 
Linux boxes FILLED with cells being used (and even sold buy niche suppliers) 
for high-end stuff.  From what little I've heard of the Linux API for cell, 
it seems to mainly support that model.


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