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Re: Porting ppc Linux to Xbox 360?

Em Sun, 19 Jun 2005 00:54:57 +0100, Lee Braiden escreveu:

> sticking with PPC, there are custom PPC boards

	I never found one I'd buy to use as a PC.  They are usually
outrageously expensive unless bought in quantitities, and (or)
severily limited in performance and functionality.

> Apple clone manufacturers

	I thought they were all long dead... URLs?

> and Amiga boxes

	There are two such boxen I know of: AmigaOne and Pegasos.
AmigaOne last I heard was buggy and limited to G4 800MHz, Pegasos
fixed their bugs and reached G4 1GHz.  Ah, and they aren't available
at all down here.

> With all the X Boxes being manufactured, that should help to keep
> PPC prices down.

	You don't think the MS XBox will be a serious product in the
general-purpose computer market, do you?  It is a limited-function
game console... how will that keep PPC boxen prices down?  Unless you
think it will keep Sony PS3 prices down, and you will buy Sony PS3 to
run GNU/Linux on them, but then you will have to live with Sony's
limitations to playing DVDs etc that AFAIK have never been cracked.

> There's also POWER, as you mentioned.

	Last time I checked IBM exited the workstation market.  Before
that it had just one or two products, mostly for legacy applications
and for developing AIX server applications.  Even Sun has a better
desktop story.

	BTW, AFAIU POWER is now just the server version of PowerPC,
kinda like Xeon and Opteron on the x86 space.

> Then there is Cell coming up, which will be in PCs

	Will it?  AFAIK it will be only on limited-availability
development workstations for the Sony PS3.  I hope you are right, but
who will put Cells in the market if the only OS running on it is
GNU/Linux, applications won't take advantage of it for quite some
time, and current PowerPC sellers have only the G4 1GHz available?

	Now if IBM and Motorola would sell workstations and portables
running, say, Debian GNU/Linux with Gnome pre-installed and configured,
that could perhaps validate the platform... until them we'll be a
bunch of idealists buying over-priced, under-performing but elegant

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