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Re: Porting ppc Linux to Xbox 360?

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Wolfgang Pfeiffer wrote:
> I'm not boycotting Microsoft. I never did. Boycotts, if my memory
> serves me well, were something that the German Nazis were practising
> when they were trying to get Jews out of business, before they killed
> them (" "Deutsche, kauft nicht beim Juden" -- Germans, don't buy from
> Jews"):

Contrary to your statement, non-violent practices like boycotting do not
always lead to 6 million Jews being murdered.

As wikipedia[1] points out more common examples of people using morality
in their purchasing decisions would have been:

"African Americans during the US civil rights movement; the United Farm
Workers union grape and lettuce boycotts; the American boycott of
British goods at the time of the American Revolution; the Indian boycott
of British goods organized by Mohandas Gandhi; and the Arab League
boycott of Israel and companies trading with Israel. In 1973, the Arab
countries enacted a crude oil embargo against the West, see 1973 oil
crisis. Other examples include the refusal of the United States (under
President Jimmy Carter) to participate in the 1980 Summer Olympics, held
in Moscow that year (to protest the Soviet Union's invasion of
Afghanistan), the retaliatory boycott of the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los
Angeles by most of the Eastern bloc, and the movement that advocated
'disinvestment' in South Africa during the 1980s in opposition to that
country's apartheid regime."

- From a practical point of view I don't think the Xbox 360 is going to be
a very good target platform for general computer use using PPC
GNU/Linux.  It would be fun to play with, but not very portable.  but
ethically, it is feeding the maw of the a company that isn't very nice.


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