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Re: Porting ppc Linux to Xbox 360?

On Sun, Jun 19, 2005 at 12:23:42AM +0100, Lee Braiden wrote:
> On Sunday 19 Jun 2005 00:02, Wolfgang Pfeiffer wrote:
> > Are there chances that those maintaining today's ppc branch of the
> > Linux kernel, and the rest of the ppc linux system, might want to turn
> > Xbox 360 to a full fledged PPC Linux computer? Anyone out there with
> > the necessary knowledge being interested in that?
> I for one hope this never happens.  Every X-Box bought is another sale for 
> Microsoft.  That sale will not only help them to dominate the software 
> market, but the hardware and entertainment markets too.

May Microsoft dominate the software market, the hardware and
entertainment markets, too: With the help from those being able to
port ppc Linux to Xbox nobody will hopefully ever "dominate" the
Operating System I'm running on Xbox 360.

I didn't switch from W'98 to Linux a few years ago because I was
afraid of "Microsoft's world domination", or similar crap, but simply
because I needed good software that Microsoft, AFAICS, was unable to

I'm not boycotting Microsoft. I never did. Boycotts, if my memory
serves me well, were something that the German Nazis were practising
when they were trying to get Jews out of business, before they killed
them (" "Deutsche, kauft nicht beim Juden" -- Germans, don't buy from
A little report on that [in German, sorry ..]:
So Lee, or whoever, by suggesting to boycott Microsoft: Is this really
the neighborhood you want to live in? I don't hope so ...

My question again:

Anyone willing or able to port ppc Linux to Big Satan's Xbox 360?

Best Regards
Wolfgang Pfeiffer

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