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Re: Porting ppc Linux to Xbox 360?

On Sun, Jun 19, 2005 at 11:37:31AM +0100, David Pye wrote:
> On Sunday 19 June 2005 11:24, Wolfgang Pfeiffer wrote:
> > I'm not boycotting Microsoft. I never did. Boycotts, if my memory
> > serves me well, were something that the German Nazis were practising
> > when they were trying to get Jews out of business, before they killed
> > them (" "Deutsche, kauft nicht beim Juden" -- Germans, don't buy from
> > Jews"):
> > A little report on that [in German, sorry ..]:
> > <http://www.welt.de/data/2003/04/01/61430.html>
> > So Lee, or whoever, by suggesting to boycott Microsoft: Is this really
> > the neighborhood you want to live in? I don't hope so ...
> Oh, please.
> Not that again.   

I didn't start the "boycott" topic. I was responding.

> The initial break in porting linux to the Xbox 360 is going to come with the 
> subversion or breaking of the copy protection that will no doubt prevent it 
> from running on the Xbox360, same as it did on the Xbox.  A lot of the old 
> hands that did the initial work on the Xbox are planning to return to work on 
> the 360, so it's a matter of sitting and waiting.  Remember, with such a 
> closed platform, the first step is cracking the protection, before the 
> porting as a whole can begin.  

Oh .. I didn't know that.

Wolfgang Pfeiffer

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