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Re: cpufreq problems

On Tue, Jun 14, 2005 at 08:32:24AM +0200, Mickael Royer wrote:
> I had the same problem with the 2.6.11
> For me the problem has appeared when I used "performance governor" instead 
> of "userspace governor" for the cpu frequency scaling. 

I set the default governor to userspace, and this allowed me to boot
succesffully. However, the moment I set the cpufeq to 1.5GHz (or start
powernowd), the machine freezes. I tried remove all governores but
userspsace from the kernel, and this had not effect. 


> Now i use the 2.6.12rc6 without patch. I can use the two options without 
> problem and the cpu frequency scaling works fine with powernowd. 

Perhaps I will try that. Will this be making it into debian any time
soon? The docs say that you need to apply cramfs patch in order to
compile a vanilla kernel. Is this still true?


Itai Seggev, University of Chicago, Department of Physics

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