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Re: Problems installing Debian Sarge on PReP PPC, (Motorola PReP Utah PowerStack II Pro4000)

CW> there are AFAIK some problems with the new Debian installer,
CW> especially on older PPC-Hardware, such as PReP-Machines. I remember
CW> that I had an issue with the Boot partition, too.
CW> If you have a tftpd-Server set up, you can boot your kernel via
CW> network. If you don't want to do a network boot all the time, I would
CW> recommend to do so at least, once - because setting up a PReP boot
CW> partition while the system is running (e.g. you can use fdisk) is
CW> possible.

Yeah, this was a good idea and it worked. fdisk does not exist for this
plattform, but cfdisk did the job.

CW> And you're right about the bootloader: The kernel is loaded from the
CW> boot partition.

Should i do a bug-report so that this bug can be fixed for future releases?
How and can i do so?


=Carsten Glose=

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