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Re: Problems installing Debian Sarge on PReP PPC, (Motorola PReP Utah PowerStack II Pro4000)


On 6/13/05, C.Glose@gmx.net <C.Glose@gmx.net> wrote:
> Should i do a bug-report so that this bug can be fixed for future releases?
> How and can i do so?

This is a known issue to the D-I Team, so there is no need to do so.
There have been some issues to the debian-installer mailing list
concerning this issue, you might want to check the archive, or
subscribe to the list. But warned: This is a very high volume list,
and most of the problems discussed concern x86.
PREP is a pretty old architecture that has been replaced by CHRP, so
naturally, there aren't any new PREP machines built today, thus the
priority to create a PREP compatible D-I isn't that high, and there
aren't so many developers working on it. But it's work in progress...


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