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Re: Sound in g4

On Tue, Jun 07, 2005 at 04:02:26PM +0000, Mike S wrote:
> ok, I need to learn to quit whinning to the lsit, I apologize for that, 
> I used chown :audio on the device, which is what I think you said it was 
> right, and then I did a usermod -G on myself for the audio group, which 
> should have added me to the audio group, correct? Kuser reports that 
> indeed I am a part of the admin and audio group, so I am guessing I did 
> that right, please let me know if I did not.

all you need to do is to 'adduser <username> <group>', and log in again.
you can use 'groups' to list the groups you are part of, and a similar
'deluser <username> <group>' to remove a user from a group.

on a desktop sarge install, it gives the following
$ groups
piem dialout cdrom floppy audio video plugdev

except if you installed gnome or other packages (alsa?) after creating
your user. then you will want to add yourself to the above groups. the
'plugdev' group is to have group-volume-manager automount your devices.

the group 'src' is also useful to compile kernels in /usr/src as a user.
and the 'adm' one sometimes, to read the syslogs.

bye, piem

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