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Re: Sound in g4

David Pye wrote:

On Tuesday 07 June 2005 15:01, Mike S wrote:
I thank you martin, that cracked it, atleast for now, haven't restarted
the computer yet, but I did modprobe snd-powermac, and that loaded all
the snd modules, and then I changes the group id of /dev/dsp so that my
user's group had permission to it, and long story short three logout's
later kde finally uttered sound on startup and did not give me the
/dev/dsp not found or /dev/dsp (permission Denied) errors.  looks like
there's a lot of subtle little differences in debian and ubuntu, as it
looks like I am going to have to change o lot of group id's just so I
can access them without being root.


There's a point to these group-ids.

The correct way to allow yourself to write to /dev/dsp is to add yourself to the audio group, as a secondary group, *not* chmod the device.

This applies to any other devices which are owned by 'special' groups.


Thanks again,
--Mike S

Again I thank this list and the people in it for their help. After some tinkering around I finally got it to work, everytime after a reboot. I am not sure it is the best way, and no little to nothing about the rc scripts, but what I had to do was echo both snd and snd-powermac into the /etc/modules file to get it to work right, and play around with the usermod command to give myself access to various things.

I still haven't managed to get kscd to work right, but that is probably another group I will have to add my user to in order to be able to access the cdrom. And it also has (probably) something to do with the same reason that things don't automount, but again, Thanks

--Mike S

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