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Re: Sound in g4

David Pye wrote:

On Tuesday 07 June 2005 15:01, Mike S wrote:
I thank you martin, that cracked it, atleast for now, haven't restarted
the computer yet, but I did modprobe snd-powermac, and that loaded all
the snd modules, and then I changes the group id of /dev/dsp so that my
user's group had permission to it, and long story short three logout's
later kde finally uttered sound on startup and did not give me the
/dev/dsp not found or /dev/dsp (permission Denied) errors.  looks like
there's a lot of subtle little differences in debian and ubuntu, as it
looks like I am going to have to change o lot of group id's just so I
can access them without being root.


There's a point to these group-ids.

The correct way to allow yourself to write to /dev/dsp is to add yourself to the audio group, as a secondary group, *not* chmod the device.

This applies to any other devices which are owned by 'special' groups.


Thanks again,
--Mike S

ok, I need to learn to quit whinning to the lsit, I apologize for that, I used chown :audio on the device, which is what I think you said it was right, and then I did a usermod -G on myself for the audio group, which should have added me to the audio group, correct? Kuser reports that indeed I am a part of the admin and audio group, so I am guessing I did that right, please let me know if I did not.

--Mike S

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