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Kernel/library bug on linux ppc64.


I got the following bugreport from the lead developer of GMP[1] which
is porting this library to linux-ppc64 via private mail, with request
that it be published in the "most appropriate place" which --somehow--
seemed to be here. Since I don't have access to such a ppc64 machine,
your help in finding the culprit is appreciated.

Here goes:

Ths lib/kernel bug causes the upper 32 bits of registers to
become clobbered when a signal (at least SIGALRM) is delivered.

How to reproduce:

Compile/assemble and link without any options the two files included
in the attachment and execute.  If the bug is present, expect an abort
call.  Else the program should exit silently.

[1] http://packages.debian.org/unstable/libs/libgmp3

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