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Re: external monitor on 12" powerbook

El mié, 01-06-2005 a las 17:10 -0500, Michael Thon escribió:
> Hola -

Hola :)

> Has anyone been successful at getting an external monitor working on a 
> 12 inch aluminum powerbook?  This machine has an Nvidia GeForce FX 

I once tried this that Guido suggested:

"Plug in the adapter cable on boot (or when resuming from disk), no need
to have the screen connected yet. Later after you attached the external
display use:
        Option          "CrtcNumber"            "0"     
        Option          "FlatPanel"             "0"
in your X configs device section. Works fine on NV17 and NV32 with X.org
6.8.0 but should also work with recent XFree86. You then have the
console's on the pbooks LCD and X on the external screen. Not perfect,
 -- Guido"

Hope it helps.

A. Corbi

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