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Re: munged yaboot.conf

Jeff Green wrote:

Martin writes:

The hard driver partition gets mounted at a later time in the
install process. You could step through more steps of the install
process if you don't know where your root partition is, or mount
it manually from your shell using:

mount /dev/hda3 /target

When I did an escape to the shell during the install process (netinst) for sarge on my G4 (the G5 I installed sarge onto was the schools), the devfs naming scheme was enforced. Since I wasn't familiar (and am still not familiar) with that scheme I opted out and used a woody install cd to modify things on the hard drive when necessary. Once sarge is installed I think the traditional device referencing conventions can be used, e.g. /dev/whatever. Unfortunately, a woody install CD cannot be used on G5s. However the suggestion to use the Ubuntu livecd might work...don't know myself since I'm caught up at the present with other activities and don't have the time to run to school to try out the ubuntu cd on the G5.


P.S. obviously learning the devfs scheme is an option....

If there is a question as to whether the ubuntu livecd will work on the G5, being in posession of one I know that there are power3 and power4 kernels, which I think I read that the G5 uses the power4 kernel, but I am remembering something from an old post now, can't the yaboot partition be mounted and manually changed using OS X, I know this would make it unbootable, but forcefully issueing a boot argument into Open Firmware would take care of that would it not

--Mike S

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