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Re: munged yaboot.conf

Wesley Smith wrote:

I'm curious as to how it was done by someone else on this list back in
February.  By what they wrote in the thread, they seemed to be able to
access the yaboot.conf from a shell obtained from the installer after
mounting the drive.  I need to do the same thing on my system since I
installed debian on the 2nd drive.  Here's the reference:



On 5/31/05, Jack Malmostoso <jackmalmostoso@freesurf.ch> wrote:
On Wed, 01 Jun 2005 06:10:07 +0200, james houston wrote:

What is the best direction to go then?

This kind of sucks, since it's not enough to edit yaboot.conf but you also have to issue "ybin" on the CLI (that's why I hope Grub2 comes as soon as

Try booting with a livecd (Ubuntu's will do just fine), chroot yourself
into your linux partition and make all the changes you need. You will
probably need to mount also your /proc filesystem (I remember I had to
when I was in your situation).

Good luck!

Best Regards, Jack
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In these new powerbooks are you not able to open OpenFirmware at boot anymore I do not know how to edit the yaboot.conf file, from OS X, but I know that I have always been able to use a simple boot argument from yaboot, and to get there I have aways used option at boot if the yaboot partition isn't activley bootable. Ofcourse if you can't even get into the part after hitting l then I don't know, except that if you hold command option o f at boot then open firmware should boot up into which you should be able to enter a direct boot kernel, bypassing yaboot, [I think] someone correct me if I'm wrong

--Mike S

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