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On 5/18/05, Fallen_Angel <michael_six@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
> Hi, it's been a while since I have posted to this list, and for that I
> apologize.  

>Am I still welcome to post here since I have changed to
> ubuntu? 

Maybe if the question is pretty focused in ubuntu, you should ask in
the ubuntu mailing lists:


>it says to use the current kernel headers, so my
> question is this, must I recompile them, since they were compiled off
> the 2.6.10-5-powerpc ubuntu kernel, and if so where do I put, and which
> files are, the kernel headers for this kernel that I have just
> compiled.  Ofcourse I still have the full source of the kernel I
> compiled awaiting a response from this list.

Simply start with your compiled kernel and recompile the modules. You
can read the doc about compiling kernel modules above.

For compiling a kernel in general:


For info about compiling a kernel module:




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