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Re: Seriuos stability problem using KDE apps

On 15 May 2005 at 09h05, Jack Malmostoso wrote:


> I don't think so: adt746x is configured and working (I raised a
> little the default temperatures, but cpu never gets above 55 degrees).
> I have a little concern about gpu temperature: it often gets well
> over 60 degrees, but if I reboot in OSX Thermo In Dock tells me it is
> some 10 degrees lower. Now, I don't think that in less than a minute
> it can get this low, so probably one of the two is lying: any idea,
> Colin?

Not really... I get both temperatures the same way, and i think it's
normal that the gpu is hotter, because defaults limits are higher for

> What are your normal operation temperatures?

[colin@jack ~]$ cat /sys/devices/temperatures/*temp*

(but it's an idle temperature, it goes higher when compiling.)

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