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Re: PB Wallstreet doesn't boot from new hdd

On 5/3/05, Maximilian Gerlach <m@px0.de> wrote:
> > Though it should all have been solved by installing OS-X, did you try pressing "command - option - P - R" while booting?
> > Normally solves this kind of boot probs after installing debian....
> Pressing this key combination let the computer restart (and reset the
> PRAM, I suppose?!) but afterwards the same problem with the same
> symptons appeared again.

Is it possible the drive may have troubles? I suspect since it's an
8GB drive it's not "brand spanking new"! Also you might look over
these notes in case one of these things are affecting your system --


I upgraded my Wallstreet/PDQ system's original 4GB drive to a 20GB
Fujitsu several years ago and did NOT encounter any of these
difficulties (magnet OR tight screws). Nowadays even the 20GB drives
are considered small...!

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