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PB Wallstreet doesn't boot from new hdd

Hi everyone,
I'm sorry to bother you with a not really debian-ppc related question,
but google didn't help and I think here are the people that are really
knowledged and may help me. Plus it's been not too much traffic in the
last days, so I think I can dare it ;)
So here's my problem: I replaced the internal 2 gig drive of the
Wallstreet with an IBM 8 gig one. When installing OSX.2 the drive was
correctly recognized. I partioned it and installed the OS. No errors so
far. But when the laptop rebooted to start into the newly installed OS
nothing happens.
I hear the hdd spinnung up and down, but nothing gets loaded.

Are there any ideas which black magic is required to get the PB load the
OS from the new drive?

Thanks a lot!,

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