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powermac/images-2.88/rescue.bin not found


So the debian installer detected my new 12" Powerbook's ATA 100 HD once I downloaded the BK devel kernel from ppckernel.org here:


and renamed /boot/vmlinux-2.6.11-rc4 to linux.bin and put it in the debian partition.

But now the installation is stuck at fetching the kernel and drivers over the network. (Trying the 1st installation CD doesn't work either.) My network connection is fine, but it is looking for files: powermac/images-2.88/rescue.bin and powermac/drivers.tgz when there is no such directory in the debian tree.

The images-2.88 dir is only in "new-powermac" directories and in "powermac" dirs there is only "images-1.44". The installer is hard-wired to look for a directory named "powermac" though and not "new-powermac".

I tried setting up my own local mirror and changed the directory names to "powermac" so that the installer would download various rescue.bin files, and while it does download them, it then says that this is not a rescue floppy and won't proceed.

So, I'm stuck. Any thoughts on what rescue.bin file and what drivers.tgz the installer is looking for and how I could provide them to the installer? Thanks


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