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Re: Newer laptops & CPU speed

Ciao Benjamin Herrenschmidt, nel tuo messaggio dicevi:

> It seems the new laptops are booting with CPU set to low
> speed. /proc/cpuinfo outputs the wrong fequency (thinks it's high speed)
> but bogomips shows that it's running at about half speed.

Mmmmhhh I don't know if I am lucky or if I have never understood anything.
Booting 2.6.11 on my iBook G4 says:

processor       : 0
cpu             : 7455, altivec supported
clock           : 798MHz
revision        : 3.3 (pvr 8001 0303)
bogomips        : 804.39
machine         : PowerBook6,3
motherboard     : PowerBook6,3 MacRISC3 Power Macintosh
detected as     : 287 (iBook G4)
pmac flags      : 0000001b
L2 cache        : 256K unified
memory          : 640MB
pmac-generation : NewWorld

Bogomips look good, don't they?


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