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Re: Re: kernel 2.6.10 + radeon accel + alsa

On Thu, 2005-03-10 at 10:38 -0700, Mauro wrote:
> ______________________________________________________________________
>         This is a ibook G4, with a Radeon Mobility 9200 M9+.
>         My XF86Config-4 file is attached. It could seem a little weird
>         by i recently tried to setup vga-out so the file is not very
>         clean.
>         I've tried several options like AGPMode 4, AGPFastWrite true
>         but it causes X to crash and i have to force reboot.
> I think AGPFastWrite is still experimental and unstable, although it
> works with my iMac DV Rage 128 and Daenzer's sid Xfree.
> Did you try both of these individually (disable one while enabling the
> other)?  Can you identify which one crashes X?  I'd be interested.

AGPFastWrite isn't "experimental" per-se, but it's bogus on a lot of HW,
I would recommend avoiding it. (It makes my radeon M9 crash right away
for example). AGPMode 4 should be fine (and the recommended setting,
unless you have an older setup that can only do 2).

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