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Re: pre-release 2.6.11-0.1 debian/powerpc kernel.

Frank Klingenhoefer wrote:
> Sven Luther wrote:
> [...]
>> And altough it is not yet fully ready to be uploaded (mostly because
>> kernel-source-2.6.11 needs cleaning up a bit yet), i would encourage you to
>> try it out and give me feedback on it.
>> I have been running it since a couple of days, and didn't see any particular
>> problems.
> In short words: sleep support is broken.

Remembering that many ppc-specific patchtes found their way into
linux-2.6.11 I took a look at Ben's page 

I used the various "albook-ibookg4-sleep*.diff" patches, built and
tested the various kernels. Testing means here: Would the ibook wake
up after putting to sleep.

Here are the results:
Kernel            Did it wake up?

2.6.9-vanilla     Yes
2.6.9-sleep       Yes
2.6.9-sleep4      Yes 
2.6.9-sleep5      Yes
2.6.9-sleep6      No
2.6.9-sleep7      No

Now I took the linux-2.6.9-sleep6 source and exchanged one file
'linux/arch/ppc/platforms/pmac_cache.S'. (I used the version out of
My ibook comed now back to life after putting to sleep. 
Please note,  there are only small  differences of the two versions
of pmac_cache.S in  2.6.9-sleep6 and in 2.6.11. 

So, I think the cache handling is broken in some way.


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