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Re: unnecessary loaded modules

On Sun, 6 Mar 2005, Eric Gaumer wrote:

So you load it in /etc/modules in case you need to use a USB keyboard.

	OK.  So if I wanted to rebuild a kernel without hotplug, I just

Otherwise use PS2 or USB to PS2 adapter. Most servers have some sort
of serial console as well (e.g. Dell - RAC and HP - iLo).

	When I said "this is a server machine" I meant "this is a
	machine that is functioning as a server" not "this is a server-
	class machine."

	The machine in question is a Mac Mini that is my new home
	mail/web server.  :-)  For $500, why not?  It's very quiet
	(except when I compile a kernel, then the fan kicks in).

	- Paul

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