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Re: unnecessary loaded modules

Paul J. Lucas wrote:
On Sun, 6 Mar 2005, Eric Gaumer wrote:

Firewire and CDROM. They are probably loaded by hotplug.

    Firewire I could understand, but the CD drive is built-in to
    the machine, so it's not like it can be hot-(un)plugged.

The device can't but the driver can.

I assume you use your CDROM? Just because they currently don't have a
reference count doesn't mean they aren't used.

    The machine has a CD drive in it, but, short of installing a
    new distro off CD, I will never use the CD drive.  (This is a
    server machine.)

Yes but you aren't helping anything by unloading the module for it. It
isn't like you are going to boost system performance by unloading the
module for the cdrom. If it bugs you then just uninstall hotplug and
load what you need by hand (/etc/modules). Be careful though... I've seen
lots of people forget to load the NIC driver and lose access to the box.


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