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Re: New powerbooks support status (again)

On Sun, 2005-03-06 at 18:48 +0100, Antonio-M. Corbi Bellot wrote:
> Hi!:
> A week ago I wrote to the list telling my experience about non-working
> stuff with one of the newer pbooks (12", 80GB):
> 	[1]- Sound

I've got a Powerbook 12" 1.33 GHz G4, so it might be slightly different
from yours.

This should be easy to setup. Sorry if you've already tried (I'm _very_
new to the mailing lists), just follow the instructions at
and you will be able to get it working.

> 	[2]- Touchpad

What's wrong with the touchpad? It works fine for me right out of the
box. Unless you're referring to Apple's scrolling touch pad, which is
enabled by Apple's driver and isn't available on Linux.

> 	[3]- Cpufreq
> [3] Is working for me with the tip suggested by Ben H. (thanks), but
> know I've discovered a [4] issue: therm_adt746x.
> It's impossible to read any of the entries it creates
> under /sys/devices/temperatures, I always get a seg. fault.
> After talking in private with Colin Leroy (from therm_adt) and trying
> several ways to see what was happening he suggested me to write to the
> list and see if any of the powerpc developers here can see what is
> happening here.

Installing the module works fine for me. Here's my output when I do
install the module.

debian:/home/pgoh# modprobe therm_adt746x
debian:/home/pgoh# tail /var/log/messages
Mar  6 16:58:15 localhost -- MARK --
Mar  6 17:18:15 localhost -- MARK --
Mar  6 17:38:15 localhost -- MARK --
Mar  6 17:58:15 localhost -- MARK --
Mar  6 18:18:15 localhost -- MARK --
Mar  6 18:38:15 localhost -- MARK --
Mar  6 18:49:09 localhost kernel: adt746x: Putting max temperatures back
from 70, 50, 70 to 73, 80, 109
Mar  6 18:49:21 localhost kernel: adt746x: Thermostat bus: 1, address:
0x2e, limit_adjust: 0, fan_speed: -1
Mar  6 18:49:21 localhost kernel: adt746x: ADT7460 initializing
Mar  6 18:49:21 localhost kernel: adt746x: Lowering max temperatures
from 73, 80, 109 to 70, 50, 70

Since you're not getting that, it might be because you have newer
hardware and we'll need to wait for one of the developers to come and
make head or tail of the data you've just posted.


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