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Re: keyboard layout under X11

Jochen Voss wrote:
since yesterday I am proud owner of a shiny new Apple powerbook G4.

My question for now is: is there a simple way to get the keyboard working correctly
under X11?  I have a British keyboard and thus I tried
But this does not really work (several keys are swapped).

I have a (slightly older) 1.25 GHz 15" alubook with the Apple UK keyboard.

I wrote an xkbconfig for it, which is here:

It is selected in xorg.conf using:

Option      "XkbModel"    "pc105"
Option      "XkbLayout"   "gb_g4_alubook"

I seem to remember it being mentioned that keymaps for the new (non-ADB) macintoshes should derive from the pc mappings. This may be hogwash, but hey, it works for me...

Note that I use the little Enter key (next to the Right Apple key) for compose in X.


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