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Re: mkvmlinuz: how to use?

Em Qui, 2005-03-03 às 22:56 +0100, Sven Luther escreveu:
> mkvmlinuz is just a smallish shell script, which provided the kernel-image you
> are using includes support for mkvmlinuz, in which is copies most of the
> object files built in arch/ppc/boot and a few more into /usr/lib/kernel-image-*
> so the last step of the linking can happen at kernel-image install time, so
> you don't need to have a -pmac, -prep, -chrp and -chrp-rs6k kernel as we used
> to have in older 2.4 times.

	The phrasing is quite confusing, but...

	OK, so it is there to facilitate primarily compilation, packaging
distribution and instalation, not necessarily booting?

> If you are purely a yaboot or quik user, you can just plain ignore mkvmlinuz,
> and as it is just a smallish script, it will not bother you otherwise.

	So it is not intended replace yaboot?

	I hoped it was something more foolproof (where fool == me) than

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