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Re: State of ibook G4 sleep support in 2.6.11?

[last mail seem to have been lost on the way]

> this crash look like /dev/random, one time i have xmon, another time not;
> one time the keyboard works in xmon, another time not :/

I tried with 2.6.9 and the crash happens too.

2 weeks ago i changed the apple 128MB memory module for a 512MB from corsair

If i replug the apple memory, all works fine, no more crash.

The 512MB module works fine without sleeping, i have no problem with OSX and
the apple hardware test CD didn't detect any problem.

I used dd, mkswap & swapon to add swap, just after the "make-kpkg clean"
I saw :
"swap_free:Bad swap offset entry 002378a00"
"<2>kernel BUG in pag_remove_rmap at mm/rmap.c:482!"

your opinion ? Hardware or software problem ?



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