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Re: State of ibook G4 sleep support in 2.6.11?

> Now with CONFIG_XMON:
> vector: 300 at pc = ea42e644, lr = ea4580e0
> msr = 1032, sp = c02afdd0 [c02afd20]
> dar = 7ca5d874, dsisr = 40000000
> current = c024a470, pid = 0, comm = swapper
> mon>
> it's the first time i build a kernel with CONFIG_XMON, i don't know
> what to do now :)

Ok, the address shows that it happens in a module.

Unfortunately, xmon in ppc32 doesn't know yet how to use kallsyms so it
can't get symbols out of modules.

Can you do a cat /proc/modules before the crash, then crash it, then
send me the output of that /proc/modules and the xmon values again for
"pc" and "lr" ?

Also, if the keyboard works in xmon (it may not ...), try to use the "t"
command to get a backtrace and send that too.


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