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Re: mol and wlan

what are the advantages of using mol instead of dual-bool?

Running several operating systems simultaneously, and being able to
run earlier versions of Mac OS on newer hardware.

virtual machines always have advantages and disadvantages over
dual booting. mol isnt a true virtual machine as it does get
into your hardware and is arch dependant, pearpc on the other
hand is generally optimised for i386, but can be run on other
archs (see documents elsewhere regarding running macosx on
xbox and really ancient mac hardware etc)

mol is inherintally alot faster than pearpc, its advantages
would have to be - not having to reboot to get at you macos
(or other) applications. i dont see there being any performance
benefits of a virtual machine over running macos, certinaly i
wouldnt try to play games through it.

virtual machines are cool. i couldnt be bothered to list
any more pros and cons, im sure you can find them on the mol
or other virtual machine faqs.

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