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Re: Which Kernel for Airport Support?

> >
> > For me it's no problem.
> > But i don't know if Apple/Broadcom have to be asked?
> >
> > It would be great to have a replacement for the Broadcom card.
> Has anyone actually tried to contact Broadcom?

I have and I can tell you that I understood that they felt they had no
responsibility towards people who owned their hardware.  How did i get
this?  Well, they told me that they do not deal with the public and that
if I wanted linux specs (the reason for my email) or drivers I would
have to ask apple.  I don't think they answered me back when I brought
attention to how inconsistent it was to think that apple was going to
release gnu-linux airport extreme specs and or drivers, considering that
gnu-linux ppc competes on their hardware.  I have copies of my
correspondence with them.  And no, I do not think it is unreasonable to
post contacts online.  It's time they fess up to their social
responsibilities of supporting their hardware by not locking their
customers into specific architectures.  I have personally thought of
starting a boycott but school and a lack on info on how to organise this
have kept me at bay.  Perhaps I should start with my local gnu-linux

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