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Re: 2.6 kernel for iBook 500 Mhz G3 dual usb

the stock debian 2.6 kernel should work fine

works on my clamshell ibook, which is close enough to identical
to yours

you may just need to install the apm_emu module, the snd-powermac
module and... well that should be about it. modem support is
now in the kernel, not a module as for 3d acceleration it should
also be fine as its more an XFree thing than kernel


Greg Hamilton wrote:
Since upgrading Gnome I see the odd warning about services which require a 2.6 kernel to work properly (eg. HAL I think, though I don't have the machine handy to check). I'm running a custom built 2.4 kernel at the moment with which everything works - sleep, internal modem, 3D acceleration, etc.

Does anybody know if there's a 2.6 kernel package I can apt-get which will work with this hardware configuration? If not perhaps a link to a tutorial explaining how to build a suitable 2.6 kernel?

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