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Re: 2.6 kernel for iBook 500 Mhz G3 dual usb

I installed the kernel-image-2.6.8-powerpc package. It booted and mostly worked.

The Gnome battery status panel applet reported that I was running on battery at 0% charge when I was on mains power with a fully chaged battery. '$ cat /proc/pmu/battery_0' showed the right information so I have no idea what's wrong there.

Gnome behaved erratically after waking from sleep. Mouse became very jerky, windows didn't refresh properly and eventually it seemed to completely lock up. I was able to switch to a text console and restart Gnome.

I've reverted to my previous kernel for now. Turns out it's not hand built as previously stated, it's actually 2.4.25-ben1.

Did I install the wrong kernel package? Perhaps there are additional packages I need to update or install?


Dean Hamstead wrote:
the stock debian 2.6 kernel should work fine

works on my clamshell ibook, which is close enough to identical
to yours

you may just need to install the apm_emu module, the snd-powermac
module and... well that should be about it. modem support is
now in the kernel, not a module as for 3d acceleration it should
also be fine as its more an XFree thing than kernel


Greg Hamilton wrote:

Since upgrading Gnome I see the odd warning about services which require a 2.6 kernel to work properly (eg. HAL I think, though I don't have the machine handy to check). I'm running a custom built 2.4 kernel at the moment with which everything works - sleep, internal modem, 3D acceleration, etc.

Does anybody know if there's a 2.6 kernel package I can apt-get which will work with this hardware configuration? If not perhaps a link to a tutorial explaining how to build a suitable 2.6 kernel?

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