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Re: msdos Zip on Pismo internal drive?

Brad Boyer wrote on 2/17/05:

>On Thu, Feb 17, 2005 at 03:19:46PM -0500, vze26m98 wrote:

>> I can mount an HFS formatted Zip like this:

>The fact that you can mount an HFS zip with that command is purely
>accidental. It's an unintended (and in my view undesired) side effect
>of support for HFS/hybrid CDs.

Interesting. I can also mount the Zip drive by referring to

>You ought to be specifying the exact partition and you must specify it
>for msdos formatted zip disks. If you look at the output, it detects
>the partition map on the disk and from this you can tell what device
>you should use. My guess based on the messages in this log is to use

Many thanks for the interpretation of the dmesg output! Works like a
charm now.


Charles Turner


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