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Re: Getting rid of hotplug & Co. for 2.6

On Thu, 17 Feb 2005 08:30, Jacob S wrote:
> On Wed, 16 Feb 2005 19:58:45 +0100
> Wolfgang Pfeiffer <roto@gmx.net> wrote:
> The only place I see hotplug mentioned in a 2.6 kernel image is that
> certain earlier versions _conflict_.

I use hotplug with 2.6.  Newer version of hotplug split off coldplug which 
does a nice initialisation on boot that apparently decent hardware doesn't 
require.  You could maybe upgrade to the latest hotplug but not install 
coldplug if you have decent USB hardware and want a faster boot.

> As for hal and udev, neither is currently installed on my Athlon 2200
> XP+ running a 2.6.9-2-k7 kernel image. That said though, udev does sound
> pretty useful and is something I've been meaning to learn more about and
> setup on my machine

I love both HAL and udev -- they make the computer so much more user friendly.  
Someone drops by with a USB memory stick? Just plug it in...  Buy an ipod, 
plug it in, and you'll see it mounted under /media/ieee754drive (I think, I 
changed it to /media/ipod in a conffile).  It gives linux the positive parts 
of plug&play.

I understand hal would be even nicer if I used gnome, but the 
gnome-vfs-manager is supposed to be becoming a freedesktop project and so KDE 
will support the same features RSN...

Having said that, I don't care about boot times, I boot my computer perhaps 
once a week and so the difference between one minute to boot and ten isn't 
important.  I would be keen on better suspend support, but that's coming 
along slowly.

Still, if Wolfgang wishes to live without it, then it doesn't worry me.  I'm 
just glad I get to keep using it :-)


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