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Re: debian-powerpc digest ?

According to Kristian Peters, on Mon, 14 Feb 2005 15:50:15 +0100, 
>I just upgraded from woody to sarge with a fresh new installer cd. The installation works
>very good. No problems on my ibook 2.2.
>However. My ibook is *again* getting very hot after a very short time - even with a 2.6
>kernel which should have cpu frrequency scaling enabled. So I wanted to ask which
>solution is currently the best, either using cpufreqd, the frequency scaling in recent
>kernels or another solution ?

I like cpufreqd. I can post a cpufreqd config if needed.

>I searched the archive for this mailinglist for this year but didn't find any topic on
>that. Does a debian-powerpc digest exist somewhere where I can read further on ? I also
>have some troubles with keymapping under X11 right now... (Where are my {}[] keys ?....)

Normally, they should be on alt-( and shift-alt-( This is expressed in the
xkb/symbols/macintosh/... file by a line like that (from the french mapping) : 
    key <AE05> {	[   parenleft,	  5		],
			[   braceleft,	  bracketleft	]	};
    key <AE11> {	[  parenright,	  degree	],
			[  braceright,	  bracketright	]	};

The semantic is : 
    keys <keycode> {    [ <key-alone>,  <shift-key> ], 
                        [ <mod-key>,   <shift-mod-key]  };

Also, alt should be defined as a modifier key :
    key <LALT> {	[  Mode_switch		]	};

>Thanks, *Kristian

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