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Re: debian-powerpc digest ?

According to Cedric Pradalier, on Tue, 15 Feb 2005 08:14:39 +1100, 
>According to Kristian Peters, on Mon, 14 Feb 2005 15:50:15 +0100, 
>>I just upgraded from woody to sarge with a fresh new installer cd. The installation
>works >very good. No problems on my ibook 2.2.
>>However. My ibook is *again* getting very hot after a very short time - even with a 2.6
>>kernel which should have cpu frrequency scaling enabled. So I wanted to ask which
>>solution is currently the best, either using cpufreqd, the frequency scaling in recent
>>kernels or another solution ?

Just a note. On the ibook, the CPU is just in the middle but it usually stay pretty cold.
The GPU and hard drive are just below you left palm, and this is what get hot usually. 
For the harddrive, I think laptop-mode package help keeping its usage low.
For the GPU, the more active it is the hotter. With massively Open GL games, the
temperature can raise by 10 degrees !

Someday you may be able to use lm-sensors to monitor that. At the moment you can use my
kernel module. See http://cedric.pradalier.free.fr/ibook2 .

PS: As soon as I get a bit of time, I'll have a look to the lm-sensor package...


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