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Re: Switching from BootX to quik

On Mon, 14 Feb 2005 13:27:16 +0100
Hans Ekbrand <hans@sociologi.cjb.net> wrote:
> Does the following output of nvsetenv look like yours?

looks good... or not ;-) Seriously, I can't tell from the output if you
got the correct boot-device (as I don't have a 5400 myself), or
load-base. But one thing looks does look bad : the boot-file parameter
should be set to the label you assigned to your kernel in
/etc/quik.conf, e.g."Linux"

The first thing to do is to get correct OF input/ouput -- seeing the
actual OF errors may help debugging the boot process, even if the
messages sometimes look a bit cryptic ;-)

For correct load- and real-base settings, I'm afraid you'll need to
experiment a bit -- look at penguinppc.org and the NetBSD/macppc FAQ
for more info on possible values.

> Now, Linux resides on /dev/hda6, and quik installed something into the
> boot block of /dev/hda6, but the boot-device is set to
> ata/ata-disk@0:0 above. Should that be ata/ata-disk@0:6?

This is quite normal : AFAIK, quik writes some of it's bootloading
code into the MBR, which is 0:0. But you might want to check that the 
ata/ata-disk device really exists under OF (using devalias, dev and ls
OF commands) -- this may vary sometimes (see included nvsetenv output on
the 6400)

Here's what I got from the 6400, edited to only show relevant vars :

auto-boot?      true
(It is a good idea to set this to false until you get the values right)
use-nvramrc?    false
real-base       0x8700000
real-size       0x100000
virt-base       0xffffffff
virt-size       0x100000
load-base       0x4000
boot-device     ata/ATA-Disk@0:0
boot-file       New
input-device    ttya
output-device   ttya
boot-command    boot



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