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Re: where's tfm?

On Sun, Feb 13, 2005 at 08:03:58PM -0200, Felipe Fonseca wrote:
> tks... but now I'm having another problem: everytime I try to apt
> anything, I got some kind of error, mostly segfaults. tried removing
> /var/lb/dpkg/available, then #dselect update, tried apt-get clean and
> autoclean, and other things. someone told me 2.2 kernel is buggy. I
> tried aptin' a new kernel, but got another segfault. then I started
> trying to install sarge, but the installer wouldn't recognize my
> ethernet card...

I'm not sure about the apt issue. I don't usually use dselect. For
the sarge installer, it doesn't detect macio devices correctly. I'm
not sure if it's been fixed in more recent builds. You need to go
to a command prompt and load the driver manually.

modprobe mace

	Brad Boyer

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