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poerbook can only sleep once


I have been using Sarge on my powerbook G3 Mainstreet (upgraded to a 500mhz G4 
processor), and have been generally very happy with it.

I am using the  pbbuttonsd to manage the battery, display, sound, and 
powersaving features of the machine. 

I can make the machine sleep by pressing the power key once, and then pressing 
any other key. Waking the machine is normal. Upon waking I have to restart 
the PCMCIA system (any ideas on how to do this automatically?).

However! Pressing the power button will only put the machine to sleep once per 
reboot cycle! I have tried restarting pbbuttonsd, but this does not seem to 
fix the problem...

I am using a stock debian kernel:

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Dylan Beaudette
Soil Science Graduate Group
University of California at Davis

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