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giveaway: newertech G3 processor upgrade card

[Hope this is not too off-topic || sorry]

I have a processor upgrade card for OldWorld macs to give away,
for the exclusive use of Debian of course :)

newertech G3/500(?) (DT351C) MaxPowr G3

(the machine was labeled 500, but a sticker on the card says
400/200/1.0 so I am not really sure if it is 400 or 500 MHz)

I haven't tested it, but it was taken from a trashed machine
that I am pretty sure was working. Would be nice if someone
in the Zurich (CH) area would like it, since shipping fees
would easily be higher than the value of the  card :)

Best regards,
Tormod Volden

ps. can get more if there is interest

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