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Re: iBook G4 1.2Ghz 12" and therm_adt746x

On Sun, 13 Feb 2005 the mental interface of
Thomas Deschepper told:

> Hi,
> I am using Debian Sarge on my new iBook and I was wondering which
> arguments I should pass to the therm_adt746x module to control my fans?
> What settings do you guys use?

Have a look at
$ modinfo therm_adt746x | grep parm

you can load the module vi /etc/modules like
therm_adt746x limit_adjust=-5 fan_speed=128
I use the attached script for checking the settings.



  We all know Linux is great... it does infinite loops in 5 seconds.
        -- Linus Torvalds
#! /bin/sh

#if  cat /sys/devices/temperatures/cpu_fan_speed = 82 ;
#   then FANSPEEDCPU=0
    FANSPEEDCPU=`cat /sys/devices/temperatures/cpu_fan_speed`

#if [ `cat /sys/devices/temperatures/gpu_fan_speed` = 82 ]
#   then FANSPEEDGPU=0
    FANSPEEDGPU=`cat /sys/devices/temperatures/gpu_fan_speed`

dialog --title " Temperatures of my AlBook G4 " \
       --backtitle " `cat /proc/version` at `hostname -f` " \
       --infobox \
"  cpu fan speed:       $FANSPEEDCPU \n \
 cpu limit:           `cat /sys/devices/temperatures/cpu_limit` \n \
 cpu temperature:     `cat /sys/devices/temperatures/cpu_temperature` \n \
 gpu fan speed:       $FANSPEEDGPU \n \
 gpu limit;           `cat /sys/devices/temperatures/gpu_limit` \n \
 gpu temperature:     `cat /sys/devices/temperatures/gpu_temperature` \n \
 limit adjust:        `cat /sys/devices/temperatures/limit_adjust` \n \
 specified fan speed: `cat /sys/devices/temperatures/specified_fan_speed` \n \
 hdd temp:            `hddtemp /dev/hda | awk '{print $4}'`" 12 45

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