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Re: yaboot killed after MacOS X update

On 17:30 Sun 13 Feb     , Carsten Friede wrote:
> Okay, I see. I did not made myself clear.
I believe I understood what you meant - I was not clear enough!
> After that update, there was no prompt anymore, where I could enter "l" 
> or "x". The only thing which came, was the apple logo and OS X booting.
> My thought of repairing this was to boot with a live-cd, access the 
> linux, grab my old configuration and do another run of ybin -v -C 
> /new/path/to/yaboot.conf.
Yeah, but you can mostly still boot Linux - without yaboot. And this is done
by holding the option aka ALT key while your machine boots. Did you try that?

> But that failed. Yaboot complains about a ofpath, which could not be 
> found. So, I finally gave up and installed new.
You probably would have to run mkofboot from some livecd at this point.

I'm sorry for misunderstanding...


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