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Re: yaboot killed after MacOS X update

I recently updated my MacOS X to 10.3.8 and after that my boot manager was
lost! There was no boot menu anymore, nothing but starting MacOS by
default. How can I install yaboot again, without a complete reinstallation
of my whole system?
1. Boot into Linux (for example by holding the option key at boot time).
2. Make sure your /etc/yaboot.conf is correctly configured.
3. run "ybin -v"

At least that did work for me after playing around with that disk-util of OSX.

Okay, I see. I did not made myself clear.

After that update, there was no prompt anymore, where I could enter "l" or "x". The only thing which came, was the apple logo and OS X booting. My thought of repairing this was to boot with a live-cd, access the linux, grab my old configuration and do another run of ybin -v -C /new/path/to/yaboot.conf. But that failed. Yaboot complains about a ofpath, which could not be found. So, I finally gave up and installed new. The next time I update OS X, I want to avoid this procedure. Is there any chance to?

Carsten Friede

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