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Re: Linux on the Mac Mini -- Updated

On Fri, Feb 11, 2005 at 01:08:47PM +0100, Jack Malmostoso wrote:
> Ciao Sven Luther, nel tuo messaggio dicevi:
> > The existing debian
> >   kernel should be enough for everyone, and i don't believe that you can
> >   further optimize it.
> I guess the fastest way is to try it by myself, anyway: now debian kernels
> support iBooks?

Sure, they do, and if they do not, there is a bug which needs fixing asap.

> I mean, there is no need to recompile it by myself as I did about a year
> ago, right? I just grab the d-i and apt-get the latest kernel, right?

d-i should even do the right thing for you, it will install the latest 2.6.8
kernel. There is 2.6.9 in unstable, and 2.6.10 in the NEW queue waiting for
processing, but 2.6.8 + a bunch of backport and fixes is still scheduled to be
the sarge kernel for now.

> This would be good when friends ask me to help them with Debian on iBooks :)


> Another question: will 2.6.11 ship with sleep patch? That would really be
> a killer.

And if it does, hopefully said patch will be backported to whatever kernel
debian/sarge ships.


Sven Luther

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