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Re: Linux on the Mac Mini -- Updated

On Fri, Feb 11, 2005 at 11:12:15AM +0000, William R Sowerbutts wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've updated my "Linux on the Mac Mini" article.
>   http://sowerbutts.com/linux-mac-mini/
> Most of the updates are towards the end.
> The article now contains a guide which will help you to convert a timid, fresh
> out of the box Mac Mini system into a raging, dual boot Debian/Mac OS X
> system.  The walkthrough covers everything up to the first boot, when
> "base-config" is run. From this point onwards the Sarge installation manual is
> a better guide than I could hope to write.
> I've also included my kernel ".config" file for 2.6.9, my XF86Config-4 file,
> and brief instructions on how one can rapidly install the same set of software
> as is installed on another Debian system.

Notice that :

  1) debian-installer provided libparted based partman partitioner should be
  able to resize HFS and HFS+ partititons, i have not personally played much
  with it, but it should work. Feedback is welcome.

  2) you say "Build an optimized kernel". I strongly object to this
  recomendation, and ask you to remove it from your howto. The existing debian
  kernel should be enough for everyone, and i don't believe that you can
  further optimize it. If you have particular problems related to the minimac
  and the debian kernel, please fill bug reports and we will try to fix them,
  but as of now, the current build infrastructure will yield less supported
  kernels when built by hand than the debian kernel per se.

Speaking here as parted and powerpc kernel maintainer, as well as powerpc d-i
hacker :)


Sven Luther

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