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Re: bounty for fixing ALSA's powermac driver

On Fri, Feb 04, 2005 at 08:12:41PM -0700, Mauro wrote:
> There is no such thing as suse ppc and there hasn't been for a few
> versions.  Things have to get tested after porting because things are
> not always a simple matter of porting as the start of this thread
> already suggests.

Just as a comment, SLES8 and SLES9 are available for ppc platform. They
support the 64bit IBM Power Hardware, und unofficially, AFAIK they have a kernel
that boots on 32Bit ppc (Motorola) as well.

But you are right, the last version SuSE professional pcc has brought
up was 7.2 (again, AFAIK). This is really outdated.


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