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Re: d-i fails on new PowerMac G5

    "Pedro" == Pedro Sanchez <psanchez@nortel.com> writes:

    Pedro> My suggestion for the installer would be the following:
    Pedro> Close to the end of the process the installer asked me
    Pedro> where to install yaboot. But the only option I got was
    Pedro> /dev/sdb2.

It's because it was the only option you had ;-)

    Pedro> Should I have been given the option to install it in the
    Pedro> first drive, I wouldn't been bothering you with my
    Pedro> questions.

There is no boot strap partition on the first drive and it is all
taken up by Mac OS X, so that is not an option. The installer cannot
re-install Mac OS X, and AFAIK there is no support for resizing of
hfsplus just yet.

    Pedro> Make the installer aware of being run on a second drive,
    Pedro> don't just assume that you have a single drive. That should
    Pedro> solve the problem.

Agreed. But the question is *HOW*. 

We still don't know what failed in your case, so (at least for me) its
hard to tell how to not assume that there is a single drive. If you
could isolate what broke and report it I suspect the d-i team would be
happy to make improvements.

    Pedro> Thanks for the support so far. It's better than any
    Pedro> pay-per-incident contract! I might bother you with other
    Pedro> questions on different threads.

You're welcome ;-) You've discovered what made me switch to Debian a
few years ago.


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