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Re: Permission for 'dev/pmu'

Matt Weber wrote:

On Fri, 2005-01-07 at 20:04 -0500, Harvey Ussery wrote:
I recently reinstalled Sarge PPC on a G4 iMac. Each time I boot up now, I get an error warning:

"Error:   Wrong permission for 'dev/pmu' device"
I had this problem also.  If I remember correctly it is a known error
with ppc udev and gnome.  Anyways to fix it this is what I did.

Add this line:


to /etc/udev/permissions.d/udev.permissions

Then make sure your user is in the video group.  Hope this fixes your
problems.  Good luck.
Thanks for the help, Matt. I did as advised, rebooted, and now I don't get the error message. However, I still have no sound. (Not surprised--my researches had already concluded pmu is about power mgmnt rather than audio anyway.)

That'll be a separate post.


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